The KnitIT project was commissioned by Shenkar - CIRTex // The David & Barbara Blumenthal Israel Center for Innovation and Research in Textiles. It is a computational parametric tool for digitally designing and industrially producing knitted fabrics, creating a direct link between design and manufacturability. The tool includes an integrated physical simulation component for estimating the fabric deformation. The tool allows users to visualize and control compensations in the fabric structure, to better match between the initial graphic intent of the design and the actual physical knitted fabric outcome. This approach aims to reduce the number of iteration cycles for knitting material samples, especially when knitting highly varied designs.

MaterialsSmooth Multifilament Thread; Nylon Thread
ToolsStoll CMS 530 HP Flat Knitting Machine
SoftwareRhinoceros 3D; Grasshopper; Python; Sintral; Jacquard

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